Conferences, business networks, and community events are surging and gaining popularity with each passing day. As these meeting methods are tooling towards new heights, the speaker invitation process is becoming more complex. However, in such a jumble of speaker selection and invitation, it becomes more obstinate in maintaining pace with the audience and keeping them engaged while ensuring that they have a great experience at your event. So, how can you be sure that you are inviting the right person to speak at your event? How about keeping the audience interested all the way through?

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1. The future of speaker invitation and engagement process

It is your time now as an event organizer. For weeks, you have been scratching your head and pulling your hair out trying to find the perfect speaker for your event. Do you want to start a new meetup? Or are you having trouble lining up speakers for your annual user conference? Or are you worried about their interest and engagement in your event after your tiering effort of selecting them? You have come to the right place! Below are some points that can come in handy for you.

Speaker Matching

Although reaching out to speakers who have been in the spotlight for a long time may be enticing, they may not be the best fit for your event. For example, a finance speaker may not be able to fill the boot of a cultural event. In that case, you must find a speaker who gel up well with your event purpose, have a clear personal brand, and an established following. Since they play a vital role in promoting your brand, you can find someone who has a strong command of the subject of your event and can bind the crowd with their presence.

Speaker Engagement

Speakers are busy people who find it challenging to find time to speak at events, but what motivates them to return? Is it the spectator or the money that matters? Many speakers claim that it is more about the crowded room than money. They also say that large crowds make them more enthusiastic and desirous of being among the people, giving them the best speeches and eliciting the most reactions. As an event planner, you must recognize that people attend events based on their desires; they attend your events based on their needs because it will enable you to reach the appropriate audience and send an invite to the right speaker.

Speaker Presentation Alignment

Events are primarily about content and less about the discussion. Although that fact has remained constant, what has not is the structure and alignment of those content presentations. Speakers are the event’s spotlight; what they will speak or present will draw a crowd to your event. As an event planner/organizer, your job is to balance their presentation to benefit both the speakers and the audience. If managed well, speakers will feel satisfied with your arrangement, and they will be available to speak at your event at any time, allowing you to build a long-term relationship with them.

2. Speaker invitation process – what you need to know? 

When it comes to inviting speakers, various event promoters take a particular approach. Some people use speakers associated with well-known companies (this is particularly true of large marketing conferences). Others emphasize storytelling and demand that their speakers be skilled storytellers. Others seek out long and meaty presentations, while few seek quick hits that keep the pace moving. Here are three primary steps you must follow while approaching any speaker.

  • Selection: Your first step will be to make sure that the speaker is right for your event. However, it is a bit tedious task but there are different software like Speaker Engage that can come in handy for this purpose.
  • Invitation: Make your speaker invitation as simple as a formal mail or a phone call confirming the speaker’s availability, but there are many factors to consider. A lot rides on the success of the event. It is hard to consider all facets of the speaker, but there is nothing more intimidating than having the event fail. If you have over 10 invitations or so, consider using Speaker Engage speaker invite workflow to automate the entire process.
  • Acceptance: As soon as the speaker accepts the invitation, send him/her a thank-you note, along with the event schedule and procedure, so that the speaker is aware of the event process and has enough time to prepare.

Speaker Engagement and Management

Nothing is more nerve-wracking than getting your event drawn attention due to the speaker’s presence but finding the right speaker for your event, managing them well, and then keeping them involved in the event process is onerous duty. Speaker Engage plays a very vital role in all these measures. Its various features are of great help for you. Let us check out how these features are ingenious in speaker engagement and management.


A speaker invitation should be as simple as a formal mail or a phone call confirming the speaker’s availability. If the event is big and more speakers are invited, then manually doing it is a little tricky. Speaker Engage in this regard helps you save your time because it provides you the option of sending a customized bulk message. With the help of the software, you can also schedule your emails in advance.

Profile Data Collection

Post speaker selection it’s time to collect important data of the speaker. With Speaker Engage you can easily do this task, the tool offers an auto-generated application form, which you can send over to the speaker to fill. This way, the task of creating the form and filling data is taken out of your shoulder.

Content Management

Speaker Engage functions as a centralized content management tool, allowing you to store all related documents and files in one place. To each speaker and session profile, you can also request and save materials such as speaker profiles, abstracts, and presentations. In addition, you can use the Resource Tracker to store resources such as contracts, analysis papers, and flyers so that all team members have access to them.

Speaker Readiness

With Speaker Engage software you can provide all of the requisite information to the speakers so that they can easily prepare for their content presentation. If you use the software, you won’t have to worry about sending information because the software provides you with some features like Bulk Notify that make sending details on time much easier.

Communication and Promotion

The Speaker Engage is useful as an email marketing tool. It allows you to create email templates, which can then be used to fill out email forms. You can send Emails individually or in bulk, and can also schedule them in advance. The tool also assists you in the creation of personalized social media templates, which is critical for your event churn on different channels and aids you in the acquisition of more attendees.


Regardless of the type of event, almost every potential event will be held online, with speakers coming from everywhere globally. As a result, a powerful management tool would be obliged to keep things sail smoothly.

A futuristic tool that also serves to create communities. A tool that can engage speaker and audience because engagement is a two-way street — it takes effort on the part of both the speaker and audience for people to have a positive experience at an event.

Speaker Engage, as tool, is fit match to all these tasks. It is not just an event listing platform, but has multiple functionalities like speaker management, a dashboard, and more. Underneath the creativity lies the future of innovation, and Speaker Engage is well ahead of its time.

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