Do you remember the old days when business cards were a thing? 

They used to have all the critical information for you and your business.

Landing pages work kind of the same way. They’re the first impression clients have for your business, or in this case, your co-sell event. So you better make it right!

But, what are the key components your Landing Page should have to make your event succeed and get the most registrations and leads? Keep reading to find out.

Stronger Together—Highlight your Partnership with your audience 

Strong partnerships are an excellent call of attention for customers, especially if you’re partnering with a Cloud Hyperscaler for your Co-Sell events. They give authority to your event and generate trust among your audience. 

There are a few things to consider for highlighting your partnerships:

  • Lock both logos on your Featured Creatives: Remember that people are visual. Making a direct reference to your partnership with your creatives will be the first hook for your attendees.
  • Watch your language: Use keywords like joint collaboration and partnership. That way, people will have no doubts that yours is a Co-Sell event, and they won’t want to miss it.

Here’s an example of a collaboration between Microsoft and Adobe that will help you illustrate what you need to do with your creatives.


Don’t forget to feature the key information on your landing page.

But, what do we mean by crucial information? As for yourself, some things identify you as a person, and the same happens with your co-sell event’s landing page.

These are some critical elements that your landing page should never miss:

Logo Locks

Just as with your Co-Sell Webinar’s creatives, make sure to feature your partner’s logo on your landing page and yours. Make it easy for people to identify there’s a partnership going on!


It has the same effect as logo locks. Perhaps it has also happened to you, but when you’re attending an event or a talk, the first thing you’ll probably look up is who the speakers are.

Make sure to feature a picture of them, their name, titles, and position. A brief description of their trajectory and what they do always come in handy.

Dedicated Sections of your Landing Page

Some sections are a must-have for your landing page. Having different sections for your landing page is a good practice to have for co-sell events. Use the sections to share about your event, offers, solutions and related resources.

Let’s look at Meylah’s Co-Sell Webinar Series for illustration purposes, shall we?

First, we have the header. You can find key information such as the title, your co-sell event description, and a featured image with other important details such as the date, speakers, and more!

Never underestimate the power of a good featured image. It is perhaps one of the more overlooked elements of a landing page—however, it plays a vital role in helping your landing page engage more readers and catch their attention. 

Trying to make it funny or emotional can also give you good results from time to time.

Use SEO for increasing traffic to your landing page

Using headings for the sections of your landing page is a good idea when having SEO in mind. When done right, SEO can increase the traffic on your website, bringing more potential clients to your event.

One last tip. It’s all about your attendees!

It’s not about you! Remember, you’re not only trying to convince people to sign up for your event. Instead, you’re offering an opportunity for your attendees to learn and grow their business through your event.

If you want to dive deep and learn more about how to build the perfect landing page for your co-sell event for demand generation, we have the right solution for you!

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