It seems you’re in the process of planning and running your next (or first) co-sell event with Cloud Hyperscalers such as Microsoft, Google, AWS, and IBM. As you may have discovered by now, hosting a co-sell event means a lot of work, but also a lot of fun too, if you’re doing things right!

Sometimes, funding and budgeting can be a problem when planning a co-sell event. If you want to learn more about securing funding for your co-sell event with Hyperscalers, you can refer to this link.

However, if your budget is still tight and you’re looking for some ways to save some money and get the most sign-ups possible, you’re in the right place.

We have created this guide to help you get the most of all free resources available to promote your co-sell event.


1. Make Blog Posts

Content is king. And it’s one of the most effective ways of promoting your co-sell event. We have mentioned that educational-based event marketing is the new silver bullet for a business marketing strategy on previous occasions.

And the reason for that is because it creates authority and trust around your company.

You can create content related to your event, teach your audience, and at the same time promote your next event. That way, your audience will be aware of your agenda and have a direct link for registering.

You and your partner must create blog posts within their platforms explaining their point of view on why your solution matters. In the end, you’re not selling a ticket for an event; you’re selling your product!


2. Get the most of the Social Media

Social media is a strong ally for your business marketing team. One reason is that everyone is on social media, and the use of hashtags makes it way more accessible for people to find the content they’re interested in.

Also, if you have a strong community or an incredible amount of followers, you can get double the benefits.

But not only that! Your partner will also have a robust community and online presence on social media.

You should leverage the executives and organizational social media channels to amplify your content (such as your blog posts, for example) on their channels.

On one side, your messaging will be received by your communities and followers. On the other side, these communities can share and spread the word about your event and solution if they find it interesting and valuable.


3. Activate your Emails Communications

Emails are the classic marketing strategy. Some people say that email marketing is dead, but they couldn’t be more wrong. A great email marketing campaign is extremely useful for promoting your co-sell event for free.

Besides, you probably have put all your efforts into cultivating and growing your email list. So, let’s put it into work, shall we?

Get inspired, get the best hooks for your emails, and start getting those registrations for free!

We keep repeating this but remember that co-selling means partnering with another company, in this case, a Cloud Hyperscaler.

So, make sure also to activate their email communications. Keep in mind that you should take the lead, and your partner will follow.


4. Create a Landing Page for your Co-Sell Event

Never underestimate the power of a great landing page. Your landing page is where people go to learn about all the aspects of your co-sell webinar. That includes the “wheres,” “hows,” “when,” and the “why-should-I-attends” for your event.

You should also get your partner to get the co-sell event on a dedicated landing page on their website, which will increase your event’s visibility and solution.

Now you’re getting why this is one of the most important assets your co-sell event must-have.

Your ultimate mission is to keep people on your website instead of rambling around in other sources looking for the information you are offering in your event!

So, don’t forget to make it stand out and display all the essential information for your audience.

And we shouldn’t mention this, but just in case, remember to get a CTA for the registration.


5. Get your Newsletters Up and Running

Similar to your promoting emails, but quite not the same. Newsletters are the perfect place to keep your audience informed about what’s going on in your company.

But also, It’s an excellent way of letting them know what’s next to come. You can announce your webinar with a newsletter to get your audience’s attention and hook them with your emails campaign.

This will catch your audience’s attention, and they’ll receive all the information they need to get convinced to attend.

Just remember to put a link for the registration page at the end of your newsletter.


6. Leverage the Cloud Hyperscaler Marketing Engine

Perhaps it hasn’t occurred to you yet. But getting your co-sell webinar on your partner company event listing site is a great idea.

Cloud Hyperscalers have a strong marketing engine, so it’s a practical and free way of getting more registration for your event.


7. Get your event published on Meylah’s website

Having your co-sell event listed on Meylah’s event directory is another great way of promoting your event for free. With your event listed, you’ll also get free publicity via blog posts and social media. This will allow you to reach even bigger audiences related to the cloud tech industry.

Also, you can list your event on other platforms for free.

Take, for example, Eventbrite. People can search your event on the website, and it offers you a great feature for managing tickets and registrations efficiently.


8. Let your Community Spread the Word!

A strong community is the best thing you and your company could have, especially if you have built a good relationship with them. However, trust comes with time. 

But if your company has been running online co-sell events for a while, you probably have some recurrent attendees in your community. Leverage Women In Cloud, IAMCP, and others to amplify your event to their business audience. 

Get your community members and the industry associations you are involved with to share the news with their friends, colleagues, and other members of their communities via social media and email channels. 

Just remember, to make it work effectively, it’s better if you have a strong community already built.


9. Get your SEO right!  

This one is mainly related to your blog posts and website content. A good SEO strategy and content will increase traffic to your website. And the more people visit your website, the more opportunity you have for people to register for your co-sell event.

The truth behind it is that plenty of people use Google to look for things on the internet—even events! Get yourself a list of keywords and use them in your headings, page description, and images to increase the visits to your landing page and blog posts.

There are a bunch of free keywords tools such as ubbersuggest, for example.

10. Get some contests and giveaways going

The truth is that we all love free stuff. And your audience is no exception! One effective way of generating traffic and promoting your co-sell webinar completely free is by running a contest or a giveaway.

Get active in your socials and ask your partners and other industry associations to spread the word for your contest and keep those registrations coming up!

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