Events are a lot more than just a few speakers arranging a session or having a discussion. It is a discourse, an experience that is both educational and essential for networking.

Now that the events have all gone online, it is time for event organizers to think outside the box and create interactions and experiences that match up to those offline.

Organizing an event itself can be a difficult task at times as such. Speaker Engage comes fully equipped to handle all online communication and scheduling with all those involved, including the attendees and volunteers.

Within Speaker Engage itself, you can create an agenda for the post-event engagements as well.


After-event experiences are one thing, and moving them online is another. In order to keep your attendees happy and engaged, as an event organizer, you must ensure the best of experiences.

Here are a few ways you could garner positive after-event experiences for your attendees.

  1. Awaken the Twitterati

    Encourage all your attendees to tweet and retweet highlights from the event, using the official hashtags.

    Promise your attendees an incentive for the most retweets, be it a bag of goodies or discounts on future event passes. This way you will be able to maximize the engagement of your attendees on Twitter after the event and have a chance to pop up on the top trending topics.

  2. Spread the Word

    Email your attendees event-related collaterals. Be it a newsletter, an ebook, or even a couple of pictures. Ensure that these emails are personalized for the individual depending on the sessions they attended, or the speakers they interacted with.

    Along with the collaterals, make sure to add a thank-you note for their participation and acknowledge their effort in taking time out during such difficult times.

  3. Create an After-Event Movie

    After-event movies are always a hoot. Footages of volunteers running around in the background, attendees interacting, organizers blowing off steam with a glass of wine at the end of the day and so much more fun footage.

    It is time for us to re-invent the idea of an after-event movie.

    Request your attendees, and speakers to send in a short video review on how the event went. You can request your volunteers as well to send across videos on their experience of working with you.

    These videos can then be either posted separately or combined into one after-event movie!

  4. Post-Event Hangout

    An interactive session for the attendees, speakers, volunteers, and organizers alike.

    Segregate your attendees according to their profiles and the sessions they attended, and host post-event hangout sessions where everyone can interact and share. This session could just be to share their experience, feedback, or even have a more in-depth discussion with one another.

    This event could then again be shared on all social media platforms, encouraging more to participate in your events in the future.

  5. Engage Through Challenges

    The recent trend that has been going around since the world moved online is the plethora of challenges being created every day.

    Initiate a challenge for all your attendees, with challenges unique to those who attended the event. This would spark interest in others which would then encourage them to take part in your next event.

    After-event engagements act as a token of brand loyalty from the organizers towards their consumers. Engaging your audience even after the event gives out a message of consideration and commitment. The engagement can serve as a reminder about the highlights of the event that passed while encouraging participation for future events.


People attend events to build their network and achieve any form of professional development. During a live offline event, it is during the after-event sessions that attendees can interact better with the speakers, organizers, or even other attendees.

As mentioned above, an event is an experience and so is the after-event. The experience can elevate the event’s reputation. The after-event must be more focused on the audience and attendees. This is the time when they must be encouraged to give honest feedback to both the speakers and organizers. And the best part? You can tailor your next event to match the audience’s expectations.

With events going online, after-events have become more crucial. It is imperative that your attendees are presented with a chance to interact amidst the pandemic. This will not just ensure happy attendees, but also return attendees for the next event you host.

With online after-event experiences, you needn’t keep it just an hour or two after the event. It could extend till whenever you’d like since your attendees are always available just a click away.