Finally, you’ve decided to conduct a webinar on your favorite topic. Now what? How do you make your webinar a successful one? How do you get the word out there? 

You can’t just sit and hope people find your webinar organically. You need to promote your webinar if you want it to meet, and even exceed, your webinar goals and make it a successful one.    

Here are some interesting facts from Go-to-Meeting’s Big Book of Webinar Stats that might surprise you: 

  • 57% of webinar registrations come from email. 
  • More than half of the signups happen during the week of the event.  
  • Promoting the event at least four weeks beforehand results in 12% more registrations on average. 
  • 63% of people submit their registration on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. 

Fortunately, there are several ways to promote your webinars and drive more people. This article will help you plan and promote your webinars in the most effective ways. Read on! 

How to Promote and Attract Your Audience? 

Everyone is busy, so your target audience should be given enough time to know your webinar and schedule it. Therefore, the news about your webinar should reach everywhere before the event.  

Build a timeline 

You must start planning your strategy at least seven weeks before the launch date of your webinar. And your promotional programs should begin within 5-6 weeks before. You must take the time for copy creation, design, and development requirements while you build the strategy.  

Now, let us consider a few critical marketing assets and tactics you must consider while marketing your webinar: 

  1.  Hello Bar 

A hello bar is proven to be a very successful aspect of increasing lead generation. This simple yet effective bar usually enters across the top of your screen (sometimes from the bottom too) and spans the full width of your browser. You can add the information in one or two sentences and add a CTA that takes the user to the landing page. 

  2.  Website pop-up window 

A pop-up CTA captures the user’s interest while also creating a sense of newness and urgency to the webinar offer. The pop up will make them stop for a few seconds and let them quickly read your proposal. You’re giving them another chance to convert, and it is proven to increase lead generation. 

  3.  CTA, CTA everywhere 

Add CTAs everywhere that would take the user to a well-written and organized landing page that encourages them more to register. Post the CTAs anywhere you can reasonably put it – home page, blogs, other web pages, emails, etc. 

   4.  Teaser video and Promotional video 

Embed a small promotional video that includes all information about the webinar, on your registration page and home page, and then share it through social media accounts and email. You can ask your presenters too to contribute. 

   5.   Promotional emails 

Emails are one of the most effective ways of promoting webinars. If you use it wisely, a great outcome is inevitable. You can send 3 or 4 sets of emails. While the first one can be a heads up email that you send out 3-4 weeks before the event, the next sets of emails can be mailed 1-2 weeks before the event, with the complete information and promotional video. And, since most sign-ups happen until it’s closer to the webinar date, it is better to promote the webinar via email until the day of the event. Keep sending that mail! 

    6.  Promotion on social media 

Social media is a powerful promotional space. Create attractive posts and creatives and share them on all the social media platforms — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and ask the webinar guests and presenters to share them. It will also help you increase the organization’s networks. 

   7.  Email Signature 

Besides sending the emails, you can add the webinar landing page link as your email signature. This is one of the best ways to spread the webinar news to people outside of your regular database. 

     8.  Ad campaign 

How do you attract new faces? You should consider some targeted digital advertising. You can run your advertisements on all social media platforms. However, LinkedIn will help you in particular since you will be able to target people whose jobs and industries fall under your webinar category using these ads. 

     9.  Write Blog(s) 

You should write promotional blog articles that explicitly promote your webinar. These blogs should include the reasons why people should attend your webinar. You should publish it with an attractive CTA attached to it and then promote it on social media. 


Follow these easy webinar promotion tactics, create a comprehensive webinar promotion plan, and maximize your chances of reaching as many people as possible. You are already on your path to success. Also, make sure you always keep your audience in mind while planning your webinar and its promotion. If you need help planning the webinar of your dreams, check out Speaker Engage or shoot us an email at and we’ll help you execute well-received events! 

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