We are happy to announce that the Speaker Engage™ Web App is now available on AppSumo as an exclusive one-year deal.

For a limited time only, you can purchase an all-inclusive one-year subscription of Speaker Engage™, for just $99 (regular price $3,995). Here’s the AppSumo link to the offer.


Don’t miss this opportunity to experience one of the best event planning and execution application on the internet that has advanced features such as content curation, content management and communication management with speakers and sponsors.

Also included are features such as agenda management, social media content management, dashboards, and more. Here’s a sneak peek into the offer.

What is Speaker Engage™?

Speaker Engage™ is a cloud-based event platform to minimize manual tasks and automate workflows throughout the event planning process, particularly around engaging speakers and event talent. It consolidates event planning tasks, speaker and sponsor curation, and communications in one place. It is designed to enable micro-actions that planners can perform efficiently and quickly.

Why you need Speaker Engage™

  • Curate all your speakers from one place

Speaker Engage™ is an organizational tool that allows planners to manage their speakers, sponsors, and event resources in one place. It is a fully integrated, cloud-enabled platform that can help event organizers and planners centralize their event planning and execution to perfection, reducing time wastage by 40% and turning them into rock stars.

  • Organize your content through dashboards

Speaker Engage™ includes speaker, sponsor, and master dashboards to view data that you’ve collected in each of these categories at a glance. It also assists with the process of soliciting, selecting, and managing speakers and sponsors.

  • Manage content using action and resource trackers

Speaker Engage™ comes with action and resource tracker functions enabling planners to view their to-do lists and incorporate all relevant event documents within the platform. Communications with all speakers and sponsors can be managed through the platform. The system is also compliant with major data security regulations, including GDPR and PII.

Don’t forget, Speaker Engage™ takes the chaos out of planning and executing. Here’s a list of features included in the AppSumo offer.

About Speaker Engage™

Speaker Engage™ allows planners keep track of various aspects of speaker and sponsor coordination in one place. The app also comes with functionalities like email marketing and agenda management. It aims to save planners time on day-to-day tasks by facilitating micro-actions, while allowing for efficient workflows within a team.

We hope you will enjoy this offer as much as we loved giving it to you. See you on the other side!