Imagine this. You’re pumped because you have decided to host your very first event. Everything is set in your head. The topic, the speakers, the invitations. You have even figured out what gift to give the attendees. But then it strikes you. You have no idea how to integrate the latest tech into your event, or even what that is. So where do you go? What do you do?

You turn to The Meeting Pool because they look like they know what they’re talking about.

The Meeting Pool is a dedicated platform for all things tech in the event industry. It’s a gigantic repository of the most updated tech news, an educative tool for all your tech-related queries.

So how does it work and what’s so special about it?

Simplification of Everything Complicated

The Meeting Pool has hundreds of articles on technology; this has already been said. They are neatly categorized into Apps, Business, Event Industry, Social Media, and Tech.

How is this helpful? As anyone in the tech industry will know, event tech comes in all shapes and sizes. You can categorize your requirements and localize your search with these sub-tabs, which allows you to narrow down on the solution to a specific problem without much hassle. If you’re a casual searcher whose dream of running an event is somewhere far down the line, an article like “Top Ten Apps For Keeping a To Do List” will come in real handy.

Customizable TECHBars

A unique offering from The Meeting Pool is its TECHBar, fully customizable – and comfortable – tech lounges for events. This “interactive and approachable spot” is staffed by the company’s subject matter experts on a variety of topics tailored to a variety of audiences. It also allows the audience/participants to use it as a catch-up space to have quick one-on-one meetings or to check their emails.

The added advantage, of course, is the full-time availability of their SMEs to answer tech-related questions. If any of your attendees feel that they need help with the event app, The Meeting Pool SMEs will also walk them through it, helping them experience your event to its fullest.

Event Tech Directory

Now we did say that The Meeting Pool was all about tech in the event space. Their Event Tech Directory proves it.

It acts as a meeting ground for tech companies and event companies by helping the former to list their technology while helping the latter to discover it.

The ‘Discover Tech Companies’ option helps event organizers to find their most appropriate tech supplier to ensure that you depend on the best tools for your event. As a tech company, you get the option to list your tech for that event organizer out there who really needs it.

And thus, a partnership is formed.

Another added advantage? You get to promote your event through The Meeting Pool, ensuring a much wider reach for it.

Industry Resources

The Meeting Pool is a pool of knowledge as well. It has a vast repository of whitepapers, infographics, and ebooks from events they have supported.

Event Industry Calendar

What better way for an event enthusiast to stay on top of what’s happening in the industry than a calendar that spans across verticals? That’s what the Event Industry Calendar does. For those who plan, organize, and attend events, this is the perfect place to know what’s what and where’s what.

Advertising Options

Remember when we said you can advertise with The Meeting Pool a couple of paragraphs ago? They have multiple options for this. For starters, the Event Directory Listing is free. You also have the option to upgrade your listing for better exposure.

The other advertising options are:

  • Display advertising: through banner ad positions
  • Content: by featuring your whitepapers, ebooks, and infographics on the platform
  • Contests: like custom interactive campaigns on social media
  • Newsletters: by being featured on their weekly newsletter

Ready to Dive Into the Pool?

So there you have it. The long and short of how The Meeting Pool can be your perfect accomplice in event management. The way we see it, they add a unique value to the whole idea by offering a whole lot of stuff, all in one place.