An efficient event management software is an ideal friend for all event planners. A couple of years ago, majority of events were physical and there were no room for virtual ones in most of the cases.

Right from planning to execution, every bit of this process used to be manually done and hence it cannot assure you an error-free organization. COVID-19 had fastened digitization of vertices in general. People and organisations are in search of an efficient event management tools that can save their time, keep them organized, and take care of minute detail of the event.

Now that the scenario is changed completely, tons of event planning software are available in the market. And the challenge is to identify and choose the right software that satisfies our requirements in the best possible way. There are platforms with customizable properties enabling us to design and plan our event as per our specifications.

Let us take a look at the top six event management & planning software available in the market.

  • Aventri

Aventri is an ideal event management software for any event planner or marketer who is managing small staff meetings to a huge conference. This software is so flexible that it can now power virtual, hybrid and in-person events with great efficiency. So far it has successfully delivered over three lakhs events and is recognised as one of the top event management software of 2020.

Aventri has an elaborate feature which has all the key element for a seamless event planning and execution with minimal effort. Each specific feature is having multiple subdivision which makes it go to platform for all kind of events.

  • Speaker Engage

Make the whole experience of event management uncomplicated with Speaker Engage. The platform offers solutions to event organizing challenges by its intuitive and well-thought-out functionalities. As a fully integrated, cloud-based platform Speaker Engage helps event planners curate and delight speakers and sponsors with engaging communications, content, and logistics to remove the chaos from event planning and execution.

Speaker Engage is designed and built as a platform to cater to the daily needs of planning and orchestrating events. Create and centrally manage ongoing interaction with the robust curation platform will help you build valuable relationships, genuine partnerships, and collaborate to bring great ideas to life. Through an automated workflow and dashboards, you gain seamless communication that increases your productivity.

Speaker Engage is the right partner to manage your virtual event flawlessly and seamlessly. The software can be used as your event planner, and its in-built functionalities can ensure smooth communication between your speakers and sponsors. It lets you keep track of many aspects of speakers and sponsors coordination in one place. While it includes various functionalities like email marketing and agenda management, seamless and effortless communication, assured data security, the centralized content management forms the platform’s backbone.

  • Eventsquid

Eventsquid is one of the popular event management platforms which can take care of virtual events that is ideal to operate any event during the global pandemic where physical gathering is impossible. It has a simple UI which makes it a user-friendly software for both host and attendees. Eventsquid is featured in top 20 event management software of 2020 and best ease of use event management software of 2020.

The software features of Eventsquid includes registration, conference, event booking, event management and meeting. All the mentioned features do have few sub sections which facilitates a hassle-free event planning even for a first-time user. An event manager can plan and organize multiple events within the platform. This is a paid platform and they do not have a free version, yet a free demo is available.

  • Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a robust event planning website with a range of personalized tools. Users are given an option to enhance their events by actively encouraging them to think ahead and schedule critical tasks and dependencies. An event planner can use it to organize all kind of events within less time.

Eventbrite does not charge for activities that are free, whether small or massive. The platform provides a comprehensive range of tools and features that make it effortless for anyone familiar with basic computer knowledge to develop, promote, and manage their own events.

The platform helps the users to plan and organize every detail, including promotional activities before the event. Eventbrite allows the event planner to share the promotional activities on Facebook and other social media platform. Real-time tracking of all the events which is integrated with other websites can be taken care of with ease. All these activities are organized using one dashboard to get all the related updates to the event.

  • Whova

Whova is a simple yet powerful mobile event app that is backed with advanced technologies to improve the overall experience. We have separate apps for networking and event management system, respectively. The Whova app brings intelligent networking to all the event, and the Event Management System brings the mastery of your event app to your fingertips.

This award-winning mobile event app’s Event Management System comprises seamless data import from Eventbrite and other registration systems, comprehensive scheduling and management, and personalized event logistics insights along with exciting add-ons such as sponsorship listings and file sharing.

Whova enables your event looks class and trendy with cutting edge technologies of event management. Organizers get to engage the attendees with an immersive event experience.

  • Boomset

Boomset is a perfect platform to create a virtual or hybrid event experience. It has a web and mobile platform for easy ticketing sales, live streaming and pre-recorded sessions, live chat, private Q&A, etc. It is a trusted and popular event management platform amongst event planners, marketers, event and marketing agencies, IT departments, HR professionals, and so many more for end-to-end live and virtual event solutions.

The dashboard with an elaborate subcategory for virtual events makes it a perfect event management platform during the current scenario. Boomset can complete your registration process smooth and seamless for attendees. It has a few interesting extra functionalities of asking custom questions at check-in, making every registration staff job much more manageable.

Now that we have shared a comprehensive list of event management platforms and apps convenient for events of different nature, the event’s success lies in planning with the help of an ideal platform that suits your demands.


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