Ever since COVID-19 drove us all home leaving vast swathes of conference spaces empty, there has been a lull in offline marketing activity. Smart marketers have seen to it that there is a new replacement for this empty space and have revived the concept of virtual events.

Yes, it doesn’t sound as exciting as going to an actual event where the opportunity for networking is huge and the chance of signing up your next lead is really high. In case of a virtual event, however, you might be talking to someone who is in their pajamas and who is unsure of how online business networking works.

Love it or hate it, virtual events are here to stay. The huge savings in cost notwithstanding, marketing agencies have come up with solutions to all the problems described above.

With some clever tweaking of already existing platforms, virtual events can be hosted now with a virtual backstage, a virtual networking session, and even a virtual Q&A session.

Necessity, indeed, is the mother of all inventions.

Unwilling to let go of crucial market share, companies are now leveraging virtual events in a big way to promote business and generate new leads.

Are you still on the fence? Well, you’ll find yourself in sparse company.

Even technology giants like Microsoft and Cisco have jumped onto the virtual event bandwagon.

Worried About Leads?

If you already have a well-established marketing strategy, you have everything you need to host or attend a conference. But now that the game has gone online, some rules of the game have indeed changed.

One of the most important questions that will no doubt pop up in your head is “How do you advertise your virtual event?”

Yes, you can go the traditional route and create fancy ads and promote on social media. But wouldn’t you rather advertise it on a platform where you’re more or less guaranteed to get registrations?

A platform like the Speaker Engage Event Directory perhaps?

Speaker Engage has been deeply involved in all stages of event management for a while now. Our marquee software is the go-to resource for event organizers who want to conduct events at scale without the stress to match.

One of the things we noticed was that people were really clueless about how to drive registrations for their events.

To solve this problem, we came up with a simple listings page here.

It may look simple, but the power of a good listing is well-known to most marketers. Getting your event listed on well-established platforms like the Speaker Engage Event Directory can make or break your whole planning.

The “How To”

Before you list your event here, make sure your registration page is live and prepared to handle the traffic.

    1. Head over to https://speakerengage.com/event-directory/

You will be greeted with a long list of upcoming industry events. As you can see, bigwigs in the tech industry have their events listed on our page.

  1. At the top of the page, click on “Submit Your Event.”
  2. In the “Submit Your Event” page, fill out your event details. Ensure you have a catchy 250-word event description on hand. Think carefully about the industry your event is catering to and select accordingly. In the Event Type dropdown, select In-Person or Virtual. Most importantly, enter the correct event registration URL. This is what people will use to register for your event from the Event Directory page

Once you’ve successfully submitted your event, our moderator will reach out to you if we need any clarification.

And just like that, your event is now listed on a high-traffic, spam-free, niche-relevant website!

Of course, you can even list In-Person events on the Event Directory, but we don’t think those are gonna take place any time soon. Until then, hosting virtual events is the way to go, and getting your virtual event listed is crucial to its success.

Submit your event today!