Virtual events can be challenging to organize. It is not just about putting together a line-up of speakers and throwing a show together at the last minute. Sometimes, organizing virtual events requires more time than physical events. It is certainly challenging but it is achievable, and moreover it is thrilling.

Speaker Engage is the perfect tool for optimal event management since it is based on the idea of one-software for all. It is a cloud-based, fully integrated platform for curating speakers, supporters, and knowledge groups. Via centralized content management and automated workflows, the platform makes organizing and executing events simpler. Doesn’t that sound exciting?!

The WiC group utilized the Speaker Engage platform effectively to conduct their annual Summit. Let us see how this fantastic tool helped them in the smooth conduction of the event.

With an Aim to Empower Female Tech Entrepreneurs and Society

Women in Cloud (Or WiC) has been on a mission to encourage, motivate, and drive the growth of women-led technology companies since its inception. Every year, WiC organizes a summit where people from the tech industry come together to share their experiences. This year’s summit revolved around creating a transformative community of women leaders, entrepreneurs, and allies focused on global economic access and collective influence.

Women in Cloud (WiC) and Speaker Engage

The COVID havoc was on the horizon, and the situation was tense. Still, the WiC group’s determination to deliver what they promised encouraged them to look for an appropriate conference management software that could fulfill their needs. As a result of their research, the WiC team came across Speaker Engage, which met their needs more than efficiently. Speaker Engage’s unique features were enough to attract the attention of the group.

Let us look at some of the features that helped WiC successfully wrap up its Digital Summit 2021.

User Management

The Summit was aimed at transforming the global narrative, using the skills and abilities of countless leaders. Speaker Engage allowed the entire community to collaborate remotely, that too in real-time, to deliver the Summit message clearly. Furthermore, event organizers collaborated with all event stakeholders, including volunteers, vendors, and others interested in transportation and technology.

Speaker Management and Curation

Since the event took place online and the speakers wanted to offer their content through a medium that can do seamless content management, Speaker Engage was their best choice. The tool’s speaker curation and management features assisted the Summit in meeting its objectives. The tool also made it easier for the organizers to choose the right speakers for the Summit, with the help of the unique Influential Score feature it offered.

Speaker Management and Curation

Managing Data

Without a place to store vital data, no event planning is complete. Speaker Engage includes a Resource Tracker that can manage all of your event-related tools. You can also sort the tools into categories based on your preferences. The tool alleviated the burden of data storage and management, allowing the event to run smoothly. With the centralized location Speaker Engage offered, everyone (including the speakers, sponsors, organizers, and even the attendees) got access to the available data.

event planning

Seamless Communication

Anyone who has used Speaker Engage is familiar with the flawless structure that helps organizers, speakers, and sponsors communicate. This aspect of the tool caught the organizers’ attention because there were too many speakers, organizers, and sponsors to handle all the while ensuring the Summit ran hassle-free. The communication happened seamlessly and was one of the biggest reasons for the grand success of WiC Digital Summit 2021.

Sponsor communication

Social Media Attention

The Summit was happening online, and the organizers were worried that it would turn into a word-of-mouth affair. Speaker Engage helped Summit facilitators in this mission. With customizable tools, organizers built social media campaigns, added videos, uploaded photos and other details, then delegated team members to review responses. The social media planner and calendar made it easier for promoters to scale their social media campaigns.

social media planner

Event Directory

There is an Event Directory on Speaker Engage. While this feature is a premium one, it can help elevate any virtual event. The feature caught the summit organizers’ attention, and they made the most of it. The organizers used this functionality to boost attendance. They also utilized this feature to gain premium status, taking their event to another level.

virtual event

Summing Up

Unlike other organizations with ‘special sessions’ for women, WiC realized they had to go deep and wide. They needed tech leaders, female entrepreneurs, community leaders, and organizations all at one place to influence and provide long-term solutions that benefits hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

Using Speaker Engage aided the Summit’s success, achieving a high Return on Investment (ROI).

Speaker Engage is a multi-faceted tool developed by event organizers for event organizers to make their lives easier. With Speaker Engage, organizing and advertising virtual events is effortless, allowing team members to take charge and accountability, making way for consistency and transparency during the planning process.

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