The event industry is undergoing a digital transformation. Owing to the current situation thrust upon the world, it is imperative that we, as event organizers, ensure that the audiences across the globe can access event experiences through technology.    

The internet is brimming with virtual events. From webinars to tutorials to panel discussions to training sessions to publishing books, event organizers have transitioned physical events to online events. The transitions are, however, not so easy. It is challenging to duplicate experiences of a real live event online. Difficult, but not impossible.   

A successful event has only one secret ingredient – a great team working on it like a well-oiled clock. It is not enough to only host events online; one needs to plan and manage them to ensure that they reach maximum people 

As mentioned before, a great team ensures a successful event. And what a team needs is  seamless collaboration and coordination to provide your audience with amazing virtual event experience.   

Here are the top 5 reasons you should get your team on Speaker Engage, chalk out your virtual events, and leave your audience enthralled!   

1. Maintain the Crew    

Speaker Engage can accommodate your entire team online, allowing you to work together seamlessly. You can add your team members and assign them roles, events, and access to event-related tasks. This way, your team members will be notified when assigned an event, and they can log on to Speaker Engage and get organizing.     

Speaker Engage also has an in-built dashboard that provides a bird’s eye view of event activities. You can keep track of the number of speakers and sponsors contacted, the number of resources available, and even the number of emails sent across.   

Collaborating and planning out events on Speaker Engage ensures that every member of your  

2. Manage the Data   

No event planning is complete without space to store critical data. Be it resources to be used during the event, pre- and post-event marketing creatives, brochures, invites, presentations, and the list goes on. Speaker Engage is equipped with a Resource Tracker, capable of handling all your event-related resources. You can even categorize the resources according to your preferences.   

Added to this, Speaker Engage has inbuilt functionality to set agendas for every event. You can add details such as the speaker, their presentation topic, business objective, date, time location of the talk (link to the online session, now that we’re all digital), and even upload documents or presentations the speaker might need to use at the talk or as a reference.   

All the data you need to plan and execute a spectacular event can be collected, stored, and utilized on Speaker Engage.   

3. Seamless Communication  

Anyone who has worked on Speaker Engage would know the flawless system set up to facilitate communication among the organizers, speakers, and sponsors.   

The platform comes with various email templates, and the platform allows you to customize your own email templates. Emails can be scheduled; speakers and sponsors can be notified separately or in the bulk of any new development. The best part – any information required by the organizer can be requested from the speaker or sponsor through the platform.    

Additionally, event organizers can communicate with all stakeholders of the event from volunteers, vendors, and even those involved in transport and tech.    

With seamless communication in place, organizers like you and I can look forward to executing a smooth and well-planned virtual event.   

4. Get Noticed   

One of the best features within the platform is the Social Media Planner, helping organizers to maximize their outreach. Organizers can create social media campaigns, add posts, upload images, descriptions, and assign review responsibilities to team members. The social media planner, and calendar makes it easier for organizers to scale their promotions.  

Once the posts are approved and ready to go, the posts show up on a public sharing link, which can be embedded into any website. This public sharing link allows the public to access and share posts created by the team across social media platforms.  This allows them to track their promotions within Speaker Engage.   

Having an in-built feature that scales promotion and allows for the amplification of the event across social media platforms is a definite advantage to those using Speaker Engage to manage their virtual events!   

5. Event Directory   

Speaker Engage also has an event directory. Although not an in-built feature, the event directory is part of the Speaker Engage benefits, which will help you elevate your virtual event.   

The Speaker Engage directory is a fool-proof method to get noticed and peak your registrations. The event directory is a premium space to list all your events, sorted by industry, to ensure that your audience knows your virtual event is verified. This way, once listed, you can ensure that your event can acquire premium status, taking it to the next level.   

Speaker Engage is a multi-faceted platform catering to the event organizers by event organizers to make lives more comfortable and smoother. Planning and advertising your virtual events on Speaker Engage enables your team members to take control and accountability, creating a space for complete clarity and transparency in the planning phase. This allows for executing a virtual event where your audiences share experiences that ensure that they are satisfied and are eager for more events from your side. If you need expert guidance or help in planning your event, reach out to us at, and we can help you pull off the event of your dreams! 


Speaker Engage™ is a fully-integrated, cloud-based platform, designed by event organizers for event organizers who want to curate and delight speakers & sponsors by removing the chaos from event execution. Don't miss the 100-day free trial. Sign up now!

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