We are in the era of virtual events. And today, without geographical constraints, enterprises can achieve their event goals with the help of video streaming services that leverage state-of-the-art technology.

Virtual event management can be tricky. It’s not just about bringing together speakers and setting up a show at the last minute. Virtual events require more intensive planning than physical events. And that is precisely why you need a partner to plan and manage your virtual event. It would help if you had a partner who can design and manage events flawlessly and seamlessly.

With Speaker Engage, you can plan and organize one hell of a virtual event. It can also be your event planner, and its in-built functionalities can ensure smooth communication between your speakers and sponsors.

Manage Your Virtual Event with Speaker Engage

Make the whole experience of event management and planning uncomplicated with Speaker Engage. The platform offers solutions to event organizing challenges by its intuitive and well-thought-out functionalities. As a fully integrated, cloud-based platform Speaker Engage helps event planners curate and delight speakers and sponsors with engaging communications, content, and logistics to remove the chaos from event planning and execution.

Speaker Engage is designed and built as a platform to cater to the daily needs of planning and orchestrating events. Create and centrally manage ongoing interaction with the robust curation platform that will help you build valuable relationships, genuine partnerships and collaborate to bring great ideas to life. Through an automated workflow and dashboards, you gain seamless communication that increases your productivity.

Main Features of Speaker Engage

  • Speaker and Sponsor Curation

Finding the right speakers for a suitable event can quite quickly turn into a nightmare. This is where Speaker Engage becomes relevant as the management of event speakers and sponsors is one of the prime functionalities of this platform. There are real-time dashboards that allow you to get information about Speaker and sponsor management. You can also review speaker allocation based on their roles and track email communication.

Get insights on speaker approval/rejection status from the easy-to-read speaker dashboard. The sponsor dashboard gives you the status of sponsors – secured, not ready, and those in the pipeline. The dashboard notifies you of any speaker/sponsor missing information to speaker and sponsor profiles that need to be filled out before the event.

Virtual event management

  • Communications

Speaker Engage functions as an email marketing tool too. It allows you to create email templates that can then be used to populate email forms. You can either sent out emails individually or as bulk notifications and schedule them in advance. On the dashboard, you can see how many total emails have been sent and opened.

  • Event Management

Using the account home dashboard, you can create and access an event to add speakers, sponsors, and other contacts. The platform lets you add a professional touch to your email templates, with which all email correspondence that goes out concerning a specific event looks uniform and professional. You can also customize replies, thank you notes, and confirmation messages.

The repository of concluded events in the past ensures that you can borrow a lot of information from them for ease and efficiency. You can import relevant data from past events to your current ones, saving your time while creating new events.

  • Content Management

As a centralized content management platform, speaker Engage lets you store all relevant documents and files at the same place. You can request and save materials such as speaker bios, abstracts, and presentations to each speaker and session profile. You can also store resources like contracts, research articles, and flyers in the Resource Tracker to provide all team members access to necessary information.

  • Influential Scores

Speaker Engage’s speaker influencer score is developed precisely for selecting speakers by identifying how influential they are. Speaker Engage calculates their score by considering their social media followers and the frequency and engagement rate of the content they share, among other things. This helps event organizers make accurate decisions on their speaker selection.


Speaker Engage is the right partner for flawless event management and planning. This event management platform lets you keep track of many aspects of speakers and sponsors coordination in one place. While it includes various functionalities like email marketing and agenda management, seamless and effortless communication, assured data security, centralized content management forms the platform’s backbone. Partner with Speaker Engage today to take your event to the next level.