5 Reasons to Manage Your Co-Sell Events with Speaker Engage

5 Reasons to Manage Your Co-Sell Events with Speaker Engage

Managing co-sell events doesn’t have to be rocket science. As you may know, Co-Selling is the Holy Grail of tech companies, especially those that offer solutions, apps, and services. It’s no secret that everyone wants to co-sell with big companies such as Microsoft, Google, IBM, or AWS. Maybe that’s the reason why you’re here in the first place! 

However, the hassle doesn’t end when you get your ‘Co-Sell Ready’ status. That’s actually where the fun begins! Hosting a co-sell webinar with Microsoft is an excellent opportunity to expand your audience, generate leads and increase profitability in your business.  It’s the perfect place to showcase your most valuable products and services to Microsoft’s incredible communities (and, of course, your potential clients).

Despite that, year after year, millions of dollars allocated to co-marketing programs get unused.  The reason is that, to access these co-marketing programs, you need to either develop a tech solution, host a co-sell event or build a multi-mode digital marketing campaign together.  

Let’s think about it for a minute, shall we? Don’t forget that you have a business to run, meetings to attend, a team to lead, emails to answer. I’m not here to tell you all of your responsibilities. You undoubtedly know them better than I do! But, I can tell you that managing your next co-sell webinar shouldn’t make your life more difficult. 

Thankfully, there’s a cloud-based solution that is here to solve all of your co-selling event problems. And although I wouldn’t say I like to brag, I’m talking about Speaker Engage.

Here are 5 reasons why you should use Speaker Engage for your next co-sell event:

You can handle multiple online events.

Although everything is centralized, every event has its place. Get all the info you need for each event, curate your speakers, manage sponsors, create event campaigns, and more for each event. You can stay on top of everything without losing track of the details. How convenient! Right?

Increase the productivity of your team.

Productivity is critical in process management; it makes our jobs easier. With Speaker Engage, you can forget about the endless Excel and Google Sheet files. Thanks to our dashboards and user-friendly user interface, team collaboration has never been easier and straight to the point. Everything is done faster.

Manage all of your speakers 

Curate your speakers. Quickly determine which speaker suits you the best for each session. Get all the information you need about them at a glance of a click. Manage tasks, make requests, and send information to your speakers. Speaker Engage is the Communications Engine that will power your event.

Email Marketing. Easy. Fast. Convenient.

Speaker Engage makes email marketing and communications so simple. With preloaded Templates for your email campaign, you’ll never have to start from scratch. Just adjust, schedule, and move to the next task!

All you need for your co-sell event in one place.

Forget about surfing between hundreds of apps, jumping to your calendar, login into your email marketing service, and then switching to your mail to get in touch with your speakers. It sounds really messy! But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Having all of your marketing and communications in one place will reduce the workload by A LOT! The key to success is working smarter, not harder.

Planning and managing an online event may sound complex. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We’ve created The Ultimate Virtual Event Planning Toolkit just for you! So you can start right away and crush your next webinar! You just need to click here to download it. 

The bottom line: focus on your business. Speaker Engage will take care of the rest. 

Time is money. There’s no doubt about it. That’s why having a cloud-based platform such as Speaker Engage for your next online event is the right move! It will help you reduce the stress, and the hassle of organizing and managing your online event will save you time.  

With the best cost-benefit relation, Speaker Engage maintains an affordable price, while being the best tool to help you reduce the workload, contact management, promotion management and streamline all the email systems in one place for your co-sell events. 

We want to make online event management convenient and straightforward. But, we also want you to really know how to do it. And what better way of learning than participating in our 5-Day Co-Sell Webinar with Microsoft Challenge!

It will be jampacked with information about co-selling with Microsoft, in the hands of the very experts of the industry. By the end of the challenge, you’ll be able to:

  • Set up your Co-Sell Webinar Plan.
  • Set up your Co-Sell Webinar Communication Engine.
  • Set up your Co-Sell Webinar Platform.
  • Develop your Co-Sell Webinar Creatives & Presentation.
  • Publicize and Promote your Co-Sell Webinar. 

So, what are you waiting for? Sign-up here and step up your co-selling game. 

Speaker Engage. You stay on top of things. Your events run smoothly.


Take your cloud business to the next level with Meylah’s 5-Day Co-Sell Webinar with Microsoft Challenge

Take your cloud business to the next level with Meylah’s 5-Day Co-Sell Webinar with Microsoft Challenge

Learn how to plan and run a Microsoft Co-Sell Webinar!

Register now to Meylah’s new 5-Day Co-Sell Webinar with Microsoft Challenge!

Are you ready to start crushing your business game? Because at Meylah, we are 100% prepared to help you and your company get to the next level. But, how tho? 

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Our team has invested hundreds and hundreds of hours developing a new 5-Day Co-Sell Webinar with Microsoft Challenge just for you. If you got to this point, it’s because you heard (for sure) about ‘Co-Selling with Microsoft‘ somewhere.

First, you must understand that Microsoft is looking for software companies that offer solutions, apps, and services that might fit their clients’ needs. Becoming co-sell ready is the magic sauce to accelerate your market growth and profitability. So that’s an excellent opportunity for solutions that already are “Co-Sell ready”.

You may be wondering, why is it important to Microsoft that you co-sell with them? Well, here is your answer….There are 4 main reasons:

  1. Gaining access to customers to get insights and expand markets
  2. Product Differentiation and Filling Product Gaps
  3. Extending and Expanding Their Sales Teams
  4. And last, but never least, catalyzing cloud consumption 

Now that you know what they care about, let’s discover the ways you can partner with Microsoft and their channel partners to co-sell

  • The first is selling through their Cloud Marketplaces by publishing your solution, service or consulting.
  • The second is getting access to Partner-to-partner relationships (P2P) through Cloud Solution Provider engagements.
  • And the third is Traditional Co-Selling which is selling via their inside sales and/or enterprise field sellers.

As you may think, the first two options are the ones that have the most revenue. Why, tho? Simple. With these, your company is exposed to an enormous audience, which translates into more potential clients and opportunities.  

The thing about co-selling is that it’s very similar to crypto; everyone wants a piece of it, but few people really know how it works (stay tuned for that). And even if you do know what Co-Selling with Microsoft is, are you even sure how to run your next webinar with them and generate leads to your business?

Run your next Co-Sell Webinar with Microsoft like a charm

From shopping to watching your favorite TV shows and movies, everything is done online nowadays. That’s also the case for businesses (and big companies) that want to present their shiniest and newest products and services to the public. Why should YOU be the exception?

Sometimes, running an online co-sell webinar may be a little overwhelming. But that shouldn’t be the case for you. With the correct tools, tips and tricks, it can be an excellent opportunity to create new connections and opportunities for your business.

That’s what the Meylah 5-Day Co-Sell Webinar Challenge is all about! You will get incredible insight into how things are done and what others you must keep in mind when preparing your next co-sell webinar with Microsoft. 

We really want everyone to participate. And $500 worth of tutorials, tools, and other features, you can join us at this event for just $147. 

Still not convinced? To make it more appealing for you, we’ll be offering a $100 discount for the first 30 participants that sign up for the challenge! The only thing you have to do is use the code [20COSELL] and you’re good to go!

What are you waiting for? Don’t miss the offer!

Join the Challenge Now!

But, hurry! Before someone else grabs your spot!

Take a look at some of the incredible features you will get by signing in to the Challenge for this fantastic  price:

  • You’ll learn how to run your next Co-Sell Webinar with Microsoft.
  • Access to our most useful Ultimate Co-Selling Webinar  Planning Toolkit.
  • Exclusive access to our Office Hours & extra content after every Challenge day (from 5 to 6 PM PST).
  • Access to industry experts to guide you to run your perfect co-sell webinar 
  • Permanent access to the videos and all the Challenge content post-event
  • Access to cloud software discounts to run your next webinar!
  • And so much more!

Starting on November 1st. Stay tuned for more information!

ROI Planning and Realization for Virtual Events

ROI Planning and Realization for Virtual Events

Achieving your virtual event’s goals can be defined as success. But how do you get to know if your event achieved the event’s goals? How do you calculate the return on investment (ROI) of your event, which will help you learn whether your event produced the results you anticipated or not?


Speaker Engage team hosted a webinar on the planning and realization of Return on Investment (ROI) for virtual event. The group of experts – Chaitra Vedullapalli, Erin Northern, Raisa Noelle, Samira Rehman – went to great lengths to clarify the intricacies of ROI and its advantages.

The committee addressed their most recent event, the WiC Digital Summit 2021, to explain how they used the best practices to achieve a positive outcome.

Deeper into the discussion, the panellists discussed the attendee’s perspective and what they expect from an online event or webinar. The experts explained their efforts on producing high-quality content, as the content is the lifeblood (ROI) of every successful event.

Key Takeaways

  • Enabling Value: Value addition is something that all virtual event attendees search for. If the event adds value to their time spent, they will likely attend the company’s other activities.
  • Platform selection: The webinar addressed the proper platform selection process, where it was unanimously agreed that creating an inviting environment where all attendees feel comfortable and engaged is critical. The platform is significant for customer engagement and is a strong return on investment (ROI).
  • Social media: Social media is at the forefront of today’s marketing environment. Creating sharable social media posts were critical. The advantages and disadvantages of social media was discussed in depth as it is one of the locations where the event is advertised. Social media is expanding the event’s reach and assisting in achieving a strong Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Event layout and formation: If the event organizers focus on their proper event channelling and formation, they can gain good return (ROI) and a successful event.
  • Event’s timing: Choosing the right time will help you calculate your event’s ROI more efficiently. The event should not be held prior to lunchtime, too early in the morning, or too late at night.

There were several issues that the panel discussed and clarified on how to efficiently deal with them using the proper approach. The primary aim of the webinar was to assist event planners in finding their event’s blind spot and figuring out how to get out of it as easily as possible.

Speaker Engage and Speaker Management

The panel discussed on how speaker management plays a crucial role in the success of any virtual event. The reach of the event will soar to new heights if the coordinator chooses a well-informed and accomplished speaker for his/her event. A speaker who is going to address the event can advertise the event from his/her social media and entice more participation, which would help the event.

Speaker Engage, as a platform as well as a communication tool, helped the event facilitator organize their event quickly and efficiently. To make an organizer’s life more straightforward, the platform serves all on one plate. With its robust marketing features like bulk emailing and social media promotion, the Speaker Engage minimized event coordinators’ efforts in its publicity.

The webinar was more than just a meeting of prominent voices; it also implemented a game-changing concept for the event planning and organising environment. The panellists shared their perspectives, which are vital to any event’s performance when it comes to producing a healthy Return on Investment (ROI).

Watch the full webinar to get deeper understanding.

Hurry! Speaker Engage™ is available on AppSumo for $99 for a limited time only

Hurry! Speaker Engage™ is available on AppSumo for $99 for a limited time only

We are happy to announce that the Speaker Engage™ Web App is now available on AppSumo as an exclusive one-year deal.

For a limited time only, you can purchase an all-inclusive one-year subscription of Speaker Engage™, for just $99 (regular price $3,995). Here’s the AppSumo link to the offer.


Don’t miss this opportunity to experience one of the best event planning and execution application on the internet that has advanced features such as content curation, content management and communication management with speakers and sponsors.

Also included are features such as agenda management, social media content management, dashboards, and more. Here’s a sneak peek into the offer.

What is Speaker Engage™?

Speaker Engage™ is a cloud-based event platform to minimize manual tasks and automate workflows throughout the event planning process, particularly around engaging speakers and event talent. It consolidates event planning tasks, speaker and sponsor curation, and communications in one place. It is designed to enable micro-actions that planners can perform efficiently and quickly.

Why you need Speaker Engage™

  • Curate all your speakers from one place

Speaker Engage™ is an organizational tool that allows planners to manage their speakers, sponsors, and event resources in one place. It is a fully integrated, cloud-enabled platform that can help event organizers and planners centralize their event planning and execution to perfection, reducing time wastage by 40% and turning them into rock stars.

  • Organize your content through dashboards

Speaker Engage™ includes speaker, sponsor, and master dashboards to view data that you’ve collected in each of these categories at a glance. It also assists with the process of soliciting, selecting, and managing speakers and sponsors.

  • Manage content using action and resource trackers

Speaker Engage™ comes with action and resource tracker functions enabling planners to view their to-do lists and incorporate all relevant event documents within the platform. Communications with all speakers and sponsors can be managed through the platform. The system is also compliant with major data security regulations, including GDPR and PII.

Don’t forget, Speaker Engage™ takes the chaos out of planning and executing. Here’s a list of features included in the AppSumo offer.

About Speaker Engage™

Speaker Engage™ allows planners keep track of various aspects of speaker and sponsor coordination in one place. The app also comes with functionalities like email marketing and agenda management. It aims to save planners time on day-to-day tasks by facilitating micro-actions, while allowing for efficient workflows within a team.

We hope you will enjoy this offer as much as we loved giving it to you. See you on the other side!

Top 6 Event Management & Planning Software for Virtual Events

Top 6 Event Management & Planning Software for Virtual Events

An efficient event management software is an ideal friend for all event planners. A couple of years ago, most events were physical, and there was no room for virtual ones in most cases.

Right from planning to execution, every bit of this process used to be manually done, and hence it cannot assure you an error-free organization. COVID-19 had fastened digitization of vertices in general. People and organizations are searching for efficient event management tools that can save time, keep them organized, and take care of even the minutest of details.

Now that the scenario has changed completely, plenty of event planning and marketing software is available in the market. There are platforms with customizable properties enabling us to design and plan our event as per our specifications. And the challenge is to identify and choose the right software that satisfies our requirements in the best possible way.

Let us take a look at the top six event management & planning software available in the market.


Aventri is an ideal event management software for any event planner or marketer managing anything from small staff meetings to huge conferences. This software is very flexible. It can power virtual, hybrid, and in-person events efficiently. So far, it has successfully delivered over three lakh events and is recognized as one of the top event management software of 2020.

Aventri has elaborate features with all the critical elements needed for seamless event planning and execution with minimal effort. Each specific component has multiple subdivisions, making it the go-to platform for all kinds of events.

Speaker Engage

Uncomplicate event management with Speaker Engage. As a fully integrated, cloud-based platform Speaker Engage helps event planners find and engage speakers and sponsors with engaging communications, content, and logistics to remove the chaos from event planning and execution. The platform offers solutions to event organizing challenges using its intuitive and well-thought-out functionalities.

Speaker Engage is designed and built as a platform to cater to the daily needs of planning and orchestrating events. Through an automated workflow and dashboards, you gain seamless communication that increases your productivity. Creating and centrally managing ongoing interaction with this robust curation platform will help you build valuable relationships, genuine partnerships, and collaborations that bring great ideas to life.

Speaker Engage is the right partner to manage your virtual event flawlessly and seamlessly. The software can be used as your event planner, and its in-built functionalities can ensure smooth communication between your speakers and sponsors. It lets you keep track of the many aspects needed to coordinate the speakers and sponsors in one place. While it includes various functionalities like email marketing and agenda management, seamless and effortless communication, and assured data security, centralized content management forms the platform’s backbone.


Eventsquid is one of the popular event management platforms that can take care of virtual events that are ideal for operating any event during the global pandemic where a physical gathering is impossible. It has a simple UI which makes it a user-friendly software for both hosts and attendees. Eventsquid is featured in the top 20 event management software of 2020 and is the best ease of use event management software of 2020.

The software features of Eventsquid include registration, event booking, event management, and meeting. All the mentioned features have sub-sections that facilitate hassle-free event planning, even for first-time users. An event manager can plan and organize multiple events within the platform. It is a paid platform, and they do not have a free version, yet a free demo is available.


Eventbrite is a robust event planning software with a range of personalized tools. An event planner can use it to organize all kinds of events in a jiffy. Users are given an option to enhance their events by actively encouraging them to think ahead and schedule critical tasks and dependencies.

Eventbrite does not charge for free activities, whether small or massive. The platform provides a comprehensive range of tools and features that make it effortless for anyone familiar with basic computer knowledge to develop, promote, and manage their events.

The platform helps users plan and organize every detail, including promotional activities, before the event. Eventbrite allows the organizer to create and share event promotion and activities on different social media platforms. They can also take care of real-time tracking of all the events integrated with other websites with ease. These activities are managed through a single dashboard, which provides all of the event’s associated updates.


Whova is a simple yet powerful mobile event app backed by advanced technologies to improve the overall experience. They have separate apps for networking and event management systems, respectively. The Whova app brings intelligent networking to all the events, and the Event Management System brings the mastery of your event app to your fingertips.

This award-winning mobile event app’s Event Management System provides seamless data importation from Eventbrite and other registration systems, comprehensive scheduling and management, and personalized event logistics insights along with exciting add-ons such as sponsorship listings and file sharing.

Whova enables your event to look classy and trendy with cutting-edge technologies of event management. Organizers get to engage the attendees with an immersive event experience.


Boomset is the perfect platform to create a virtual or hybrid event experience. It has a web and mobile platform for easy ticketing sales, live streaming and pre-recorded sessions, live chat, private Q&A, etc. It is a trusted and popular event management platform amongst event planners, marketers, event and marketing agencies, IT departments, HR professionals, and many more for end-to-end live and virtual event solutions.

The dashboard with an elaborate subcategory for virtual events makes it a perfect event management platform in the current scenario. Boomset can complete your registration process smoothly and seamlessly for attendees. It has a few interesting extra functionalities, like asking custom questions at check-ins, making every registration personnel’s job much easier.

Now that we have shared a comprehensive list of event management platforms and apps convenient for events of different nature, the event’s success lies in planning with the help of an ideal platform that suits your demands.